Friday, November 30, 2018

L'Eau de Pesticide

In France many groundwater aquifers have become contaminated by pesticides. These pesticides come from agriculture and also from amateur gardeners. Some of the aquifers which are now contaminated by pesticides are used for the production of drinking water.

You can discover the levels of pesticide contamination in France's groundwater aquifers using the Data Pesticides interactive map. The map allows you to monitor the levels of pesticide contamination in individual aquifers and to explore the trends of this contamination over time. The markers on the map are colored to indicate the concentration of pesticides discovered in each aquifer. You can click on the individual aquifers on the map to view the concentrations of pesticides measured in the aquifer since 2007. You can also see how these concentrations compare to the national average.

The map includes a number of filters. These allow you to visualize the concentration levels measured in aquifers in different years. They also allow you to visualize the concentration levels of different pesticide types and compounds found in aquifers throughout the country.

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