Friday, November 02, 2018

Mapping the Great American Novel

Susan Straight has experienced all that America has to offer from the pages of the books in the Riverside Public Library. During a life spent reading she has explored the towns and cities of America. She has run through the woods of Maine, she has ridden across the prairies of Kansas and she has walked in the footsteps of the greatest characters in American literature.

Thanks to Susan Straight's The American Experience in 737 Novels you too can explore America through the pages of some of America's greatest writers. The American Experience in 737 Novels is an interactive map which plots the geographical settings of 737 American novels. You can use Susan's map to discover works of fiction which are set near your home town. Alternatively you can use the map to explore more closely the geographical settings of your favorite novels.

Hopefully you will also use the map to find more American novels and novelists to enjoy.

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