Sunday, November 11, 2018

Mapping the Fallen of World War I

A Street Near You is an interactive map showing the home addresses of men and women who died while serving in the First World War. There were an estimated 8 million military deaths in the war and the map shows the location records for nearly 410,000 of them.

A Street Near You is a powerful and sober visualization of the numbers of individuals who lost their lives in World War I. If you enter an address into the site you can view the names of all the people from your neighborhood who fell during the war. For example, if you search my neighborhood of West Ham in the East End of London, you will find that nearly every house experienced the loss of at least one family member.

If you click on a person's marker on the map you can view more details on the individual selected. These details include the name, regiment and the date of death.

The Royal British Legion is hoping to commemorate every Commonwealth serviceman and woman who died in World War I. Every Man Remembered allows you to commemorate relatives who died in the First World War or leave a commemoration for someone that hasn't yet been given a tribute.

Every Man Remembered includes a Google Map showing the resting places of Commonwealth soldiers around the world. If you select a cemetery on the map you can view details about the individual servicemen and women from the First World War who are buried or commemorated there. If you select an individual serviceman or woman from the map you can read details about their service and life.

If you have information about a Commonwealth serviceman or woman who died in the war you can add your information and photos of them to the records.

Canada's Global News has mapped the home addresses of the Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War. Mapping Canada’s war dead, house by house includes interactive maps for many Canadian cities. This includes maps showing the home addresses of soldiers in Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

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