Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mapping Sustainable Forestry Projects

explorer.land is a new interactive mapped based story telling tool from OpenForests. The platform is designed to allow organizations around the world to share information about their sustainable land based projects with the wider public.

The explorer.land interactive map allows anyone to search for different sustainable land based projects around the world, discover more about each project's aims and discover the latest project news. Users can search for sustainable land projects on explorer.land by type of project, by country or by name. When you select an individual project you can view the project's location on the interactive map. Individual markers on the map allow you to explore geographical areas that the project wishes to highlight and posts that the project has pinned to the interactive map.

The map sidebar provides extensive details about each selected project. These details include an overview of the chosen sustainable land based project, their latest news and contact details for those who wish to learn more about the selected project.

explorer.land is one of many social & ecologically diverse forestry projects developed by OpenForests.

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