Thursday, November 01, 2018

Who Hates Daylight Saving?

Daylight Saving ends this Sunday in the United States. You don't need a map to tell you that putting the clocks back by one hour every Fall is a despicable & sadistic form of torture. However Andy Woodruff really wants you to know how much you will suffer. He has therefore created an interactive map which shows you how many sunny evenings you will be losing once the clocks go back.

Obviously the hours of daylight remain the same with or without Daylight Saving or not. However the time you get up in the morning will affect how many hours of daylight you see. If you are an early riser then putting the clocks back in the Fall will probably result in you being awake for all the hours of sunlight. If you are a late riser then the clocks going back means that you are likely to miss some hours of daylight during the winter months.

The Where to Hate Daylight Saving and Where to Love it interactive map allows you to play around with a number of different settings to explore whether Daylight Saving suits your sleeping patterns. Using the map you can explore how the geography of sunrise and sunset is affected by Daylight Saving across the United States.

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