Sunday, August 30, 2009

Station Fire Maps - Updated

The Station Fire in California, which broke out on Wednesday, has forced the evacuation of 4,000 homes. The fires have spread quickly and have moved towards La CaƱada.

Google have now produced a California Wildfires information page. The page includes the LA Times Map (below), the latest status updates from the US Forest Service and links to videos of the fire.

The LA Times Map

The LA Times has a fairly detailed Google MyMap of the fire. The map shows the perimeter of the fire and also shows the location of evacuation centers. The LA Times also has a useful list of road closures.

Doc Searles' MODIS Maps

Doc Searles has created a number of overlays for Google Earth with data from MODIS and has uploaded images of the maps to Flickr.

You can read more about viewing MODIS overlays of the fire on Google Earth on the Google Earth Blog.


InceWeb show a Google Map of the affected area of the Station Fire and, more importantly, has detailed information about the fire. The information includes details about evacuation areas. Inciweb also has a Twitter feed that lets you follow the site's updates.

Enplan Wildfire Viewer

The Enplan Wildfire Viewer is a Google Maps mashup that shows the locations of Californian wildfires. All fire information on the map is updated hourly.

Fires are shown where MODIS satellites have detected heat from wildfires, prescribed or agricultural burning, and other fires. Clicking on a fire marker reveals the date and time of detection of the fire.

The California Emergency Management Agency Map
This Google Map shows fires reported to the California Emergency Management Agency. The map is currently displaying the Station fire.

Calema have now also released Google Earth files for the Station Fire and the 49 Fire.

Webcams Travel

The Webcams Travel Google Map of the area has two webcams that currently show the fire. The webcams for Mount Wilson and Altadena are currently showing images of the fire.

Mount Wilson Observatory

The website of the 105 year Mount Wilson Observatory are posting updates about the fire's threat to the observatory. Their 150 foot Solar Tower webcam is also showing images of the fire. The Observatory is where Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding and therefore led others to prove the big bang.

NASA & DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery
DigitalGlobe have released satellite imagery of the fire taken on 31st August. These are 60 centimeter (2 foot) and 2.4 m QuickBird satellite images featuring Station Fire damage to the Sunland neighborhood and surrounding areas of Los Angeles.

NASA have now also released satellite imagery of the fire.

The Pasadena Star News Map
The Pasadena Star News have created a Google Map showing the approximate perimeter of the fire.

Wayne Leeming created this time-lapse video of the Station Fire from Friday night.

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