Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dutch Street View Vote Results

Google have held a vote in the Netherlands to determine which locations the Google Street View trike should visit this summer. 22,000 people voted on the eighteen locations.

The five winners were the Efteling (Amusementpark), Slagharen Attractiepark (Amusementpark), National Park 'de Hoge Veluwe', The Dutch Open Air museum and the Apenheul (monkey-zoo).

Hat-tip to Street View Gallery for the heads up on the results.



Anonymous said...

If you come to the Netherlands, sure visit 'de Efteling' near Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. De Efteling (a fantasy name) was merely founded by the late Dutch painter Anton Pieck who lived way beyond his 100's. At first it was a picknick playground with 'the woods where the fairytales live'. Pieck designed the buildings and characters here, which alone is worth a visit. For children it is pure magic, for older people it is like walking in paintings.

Over the years the Efteling expanded. In both ways. Now it is partly a huge amusement park with unique rides, but there are also great fairytale rides like the Ghost house, a sinister castle with a lengthy puppet animated show on music by Camille Saint-Saens.

Most, if not all rides have been made with children in mind. For kids it is the place you want to go over and over. Many Dutch people like myself visited de Efteling many times in their youth. But there are also enough rides for older people and, as said, there is a lot to see. De Efteling is unique in its kind. It is far beyond doubt the best 'amusement park' in the Netherlands.

Mr Comment said...

Seriously. I wonder if this Tricycle buisness means Google is feeling the economy pains and are trying to conserve their car usage?

I have a Tricycle my self I use for exercise and it's quite fun but I think it's a bit silly to do photos on it unless your desperate.

If Google hadn't beaten me to the punch I'd slowly prepare to make my own street view for my town of Silverton Oregon someday. :)

Rob Roy said...

@Mr Comment - I think you'll find the point of using a tricycle with cameras is to get StreetView shots where there are no roads or where cars are not allowed, exactly like these winning locations. It's a bit hard to take a car through an amusement park!