Saturday, August 29, 2009

Afghanistan Election Results Map

2009 Afghanistan Election Results Map

The Geocommons 2009 Afghanistan Presidential Election map has been updated once again. The map now shows a heat map of the actual results.

On the map regions that have voted predominately for Hamed Karzai are shown in red and areas that have voted predominately for Dr Abdullah Abdullah are shown in blue. Clicking on any of the shaded regions will open an information window with a more detailed breakdown of the election results. say that the "conventional wisdom has been that Karzai, a Pashtun (the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan), would prevail in the southern region whereas Abdullah, who is of mixed Pashtun-Tajik heritage, has greater strength in the more peaceable north."

Using the Geocommons map it is possible to examine the demographics of the different districts in Afghanistan to see how far voting has broken down along ethnic lines.

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Google Earth Tour of Afghanistan have created an informative Google Earth tour of Afghanistan. The narrated tour provides an interesting overview of the country's geography, history and the current situation.

The tour includes photo overlays and some informative background, particularly about Kabul, Herat, Helmand and Kandahar. To watch the tour you have to have downloaded the Google Earth browser plugin.


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