Friday, August 28, 2009

Augmented Reality in London

London Bus iPhone Application

Presselite, the company that earlier this week released an augmented reality application for the Paris Metro, has today released a London tube and bus iPhone application.

Using the application it is possible to find nearby points of interest, wi-fi zones and cafes on a Google Map. It is also possible to locate the nearest stations from your position on a Google Map within the application. Each station is represented by a red pin, a popup shows you the distance of localisation for each station, and it is updated live via GPS as you walk.

The eye-grabbing feature however is the augmented reality view that lets you find the nearest bus-stops and POI's. Unfortunately the presentation video (below) has some serious reflection problems but it is just about possible to see the augmented reality feature in action.



Nicolas said...

I started to use this app this week, trying the augmented reality feature everywhere I can.
The result is quite good, although some details can be annoying : the virtual signs are shaking a bit, sometimes I have to walk a little so that the "station" appears.
My conclusion is that this feature is not just for fun, it can really be used !

Unknown said...

Here's another one for you, Singapore, though buUuk also covers most other Asian and Australian cities.

Unknown said...

and here's some Augmented Virtuality ;) buUuk being used in Sydney from Singapore.