Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Fun with Google Maps

The Moral High Ground
NewsBiscuit have found the first map of the 'moral high ground'. It seems that the "Moral High Ground (is) home to a group of vegan cyclists, who do occasionally use trains and a non-profit car-pool scheme, but always plant trees afterwards."

Google Favorite Places in Japan

The large map markers produced by Google to promote Google Maps Favorite Places have started appearing in Japan.

Switched found the one on the right in Tokyo. They say a number of the markers have been placed around the city and they range from 4-13 feet in height.

The one on the left was placed at a Japanese train station and I believe it contains a screen displaying Google Maps.

Where do DJ's Live?
This Google Maps geography game was built using UMapper's Google Maps game creator. The game tests your knowledge of where well known DJ's come from.


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