Friday, August 07, 2009

Real Time Google Maps

A new section, 'real-time maps', has been added to the Google Maps Mania Directory today.

Here are the initial Google Maps mashups added to the directory in this category:

TwitterVision is the granddaddy of real time Google Maps mashups. The map pulls in Tweets from Twitter plots them on the fly. Set Twittervision in motion and watch people from all over the world start twittering away!

Real Time Satellite Tracking
This website lets you load any satellite and track it live on Google Maps. Have a look at the screencast below to get an idea of what it looks like.

Real Time Satellite Tracking from Keir Clarke on Vimeo.

The site shows all satellites as seen in the sky above an elevation of 5°. Satellite debris is not displayed. The map also comes with a number of options, to see the route of the satellite as a line on the map, to view the satellite's footprint, or to view the satellite's name rather than an image.

This is an awesome map of real-time flights over Sweden. The map shows live the positions of all planes over the country. It is even possible to adjust the time between position updates on the map, the choice is between 10, 30 and 60 seconds.

Other Flight Tracking Maps

  • GMaps Flight Tracker - inbound flight maps to some busy U.S. airports: Atlanta, Boston, JFK New York, Los Angeles and Chicago
  • North American flight tracker! - works for most commercial flights originating and arriving in the United States and/or Canada
  • Radar - tracking flights over Zurich
Boat Tracking Maps
Train & Bus Tracking Maps
Chicago Transit Authority Map
The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) have added real time bus tracking to their Google Map of routes and buses. Now travellers can not only view all the Chicago bus routes but all the Chicago buses.



Bodenseepeter said...

Flight radar over Zurich:

Keir Clarke said...

Sorry - I managed somehow to replace Zurich with Sweden in the post.

Now corrected.

Vasile said...

Same as but for tramways in Zuerich

Keir Clarke said...

I can't believe I forgot the Zurich Trams map, it's one of my favourite maps.

Now added to the post and the directory.

Jonas Kaufmann said...

There is also real time wind conditions worldwide:

tmw said...

i am working on realtime bus data for columbus, oh here and here

Anonymous said...

bad we cant use it like in 24 series. i wan to make a movie too