Thursday, August 27, 2009

Melbourne Grand Prix Google Map

Melbourne Grand Prix Virtual Tour

Panedia have created a virtual tour of the home of the Melbourne Grand Prix. The tour consists of a large number of 360 degree panoramic photographs and 800mb of custom map tiles.

The panoramas are divided into two categories, 'Grandstands' and 'Corporate Facilities', the markers for which can be loaded via a drop down menu.

Just as impressive as the interactive panoramas is the custom satellite imagery. The map button let's you view custom satellite imagery taken on the actual day of the Grand Prix. For example, in the image above you can see a number of temporary constructions behind the main stand. On the normal Google Maps satellite imagery that is just an empty field.

Bullitt on Google Maps
As we seem to be developing a bit of a car theme on Google Maps Mania today, you might also be interested in this Wired article looking at the famous car chase scene in the film Bullitt. The article examines the route of the chase using Google Maps.

Once you have read the article be sure to check out the video of the chase synchronised to a Google Map at Seero.


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Aaron Spence said...

G'day Guys,

The Melbourne Grand Prix map is now live on the GP website at:

We were able to reduce the original 800Mb of required tiles down to 24mb, which as you might expect, speeds up tile delivery a 'bit'.

Thanks, Aaron Spence.