Monday, August 17, 2009

Turn Google Maps into a Brooch, Bowl or Table

Fluid Forms

Fluid Forms claim to be able to take any landscape view in Google Maps and turn it into a piece of furniture, a lamp or an accessory, such as a brooch. Each product is made to order from your choice of terrain found on Google Maps.

The ordering process involves the purchaser choosing any location on a Google Map. Fluid Forms say that their craftsmen can then create a 3D terrain of your chosen location within about 14 days. The choice of products that Fluid Forms can produce from your chosen terrain is quite extensive.

Fluid Forms should really use the Google Earth browser plugin as the method for customers to choose their location. The 2D view in Google Maps doesn't really give the customer a good idea of the terrain of a location. Google Earth, however would allow the purchaser to view the 3D terrain view before ordering.

Having said that, I still want a Himalayan terrain lamp.


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