Saturday, August 15, 2009

Google Map of the Architecture of Brooklyn

Brooklyn Typology

Brooklyn Typology is an investigation of the New York borough's population and urban form. The project consists of 2,100 photographs taken in a sample of blockgroups in Brooklyn, plus detailed census, historical, and typological data about the residential and housing in the area. Together, the interlinked photographs and data form a portrait of the urban fabric of Brooklyn.

The project, by Neil Freeman, is both a planning and an art project. Here's what he has to say about the project,

"I gathered census demographics for each block group, historical information on Brooklyn’s development, and made maps to guide me. Overall, this looked very much like the early analysis phases of a planning project.

Soon, I was riding my bike around the borough, visiting each site and photographing it in turn. I wanted to explore the city, visit every neighborhood, and see it from ground level. Once the photography was completed, the photographs and data were edited, collated, and organized onto the website."

It is possible to browse a representative selection of the photographs directly from a Google Map of Brooklyn. Each map marker on the map opens to reveal a photograph of the type of building in that block, information about the population density and details about that neighbourhood.

Via: Digital Urban & Urban Omnibus


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