Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai Bus Map


Busbus.in uses Google Maps to show the routes of buses in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

It is possible to search for routes from a drop-down menu. The route is then shown on the map with a coloured polyline and the bus stops on the route are shown with map markers.

It is also possible to search for a bus route by clicking on your start point and your destination on the map. Busbus.in then displays the best route for your chosen journey.

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Anonymous said...

try this for bangalore bus routes, http://tellmyroute.com. it also has routes for chennai, hyderabad, delhi, mumbai, pune.
You have volvo ( vajra), bigbus ( big bus), atal sarige, kendra sarige bus routes too.
you can also see the routes in google maps or microsoft maps at http://tellmyroute.com/realmaps.aspx