Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Your Personal Sailing Google Map


TripSailor is a social sharing / networking site for those who like to sail. The site includes a large range of features allowing users to create their own sailing blogs and upload photographs and videos.

When a member of TripSailor creates a blog they also get a Google Map to record their sailing trips. When a member creates a blog post, a map marker is automatically placed on their persoanl sailing map to indicate the current location. The markers plot members' sailing trips on the map. Clicking on a map marker allows viewers to view the related blog post and photos.

Trip Sailor also contains Google Maps for many places around the world. To access these maps choose the 'Places' tab in the menu and then click on the small Google Map for any location. The map will then expand into a large Google Map of the area with lots of sailing information.

Markers on the map are categorised into marinas, harbours, islands and anchorages. It is possible to view each category separately on the map or in combination. It is also possible to add photographs, blog entries and a Wikipedia layer to the map.

Clicking on the marina map markers opens an information window with further details, including the address and website link. The information window also allows registered users to click on a 'I've been here' button, which adds the location to the member's My Places.


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