Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Augmented Reality on Google Maps

Acrossair Browser
Acrossair is another augmented reality application for the iPhone. If you don't know what augmented reality is yet then check out the video below demonstrating Acrossair.

The Acrossair Browser switches to a Google Maps view when you hold the iPhone flat. The map stays oriented to your current view as you move the phone around.

The usefulness of augmented reality applications for mobile phones depend on the quality of geo-data that they hold. Watching the video for the Acrossair browser it looks like they already have lots of data from a number of different sources.

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Hussein Nasser said...

There are some sexy features in that app..

Love it!

Thanks Kerk

israelist said...

How can it tell your location while indoor?
If i understand correctly, it uses the GPS to determine your current location. Then it uses the newly added digital compass to point to the right direction (which is why it is limited to iPhone 3GS). Quite simple actually, although they did good job on designing the interface.
However - how can the GPS tell your location when in the office (as the video demo shows)?

AntKnee said...

This is stupid! I have to spin around to see business listings? Give me regular text listings on a page and I am happy. This idea is just for the WOW factor and will get old REAL soon.