Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fun on Google Maps

Intercourse to Climax in Four Hours

According to Google Maps it is possible to get from Intercourse to Climax in just under four hours. Any complaints that it never takes you that long should be addressed to Google

Art Fag City

The website Art Fag City has an interesting essay looking at Google Maps Street View as a cultural text, providing an invaluable insight into urban and rural America. Oh, and they also have a great collection of Street View images accompanying the essay.

GPS Drawing on Maps
The New York Times has an article about Tomasz Berezinski's attempts to create GPS track drawings by running and cycling around New York. Tomasz plans, then runs (or cycles) the route with his GPS device to record his progress. He then uploads the “drawing” he has made to

Via Ogle Earth

Legoland in Street View

Google Sightseeing have been having a lot of fun this week looking for interesting Street Views in Google's release of new imagery this week. They seem to have particularly enjoyed the new imagery in Legoland, California, where, amongst other things, they found this model of Albert Einstein.


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