Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google Map of Eurovision Song Entries

Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Unfortunately the Eurovision Song Contest is once again fast approaching. In what is now becoming an annual exercise in self-harm Soren Johannessen, of, has decided to produce another Google Map mashup featuring videos of all the song entries.

The Eurovision Song Contest was introduced after World War II so that European countries could assault their neighbours with cheesy pop songs rather than gun and bombs. There is a time honoured formula to winning the contest. The winning song has to be a bouncy, strangely familiar tune, with a catchy chorus of nonsensical words.

On this basis my tip for the winning song is from the Netherlands, 'Ik Ben Verliefd'. The chorus "sha-la-lie, sha-la-la (repeat ad infinitum) is just about nonsensical enough to appeal to the hordes of Euro-grannies who will decide the winner.

So far only 11 out of the 39 participating countries have decided on their entries, so there is still time for a dark horse to enter the race. Soren says he will be updating the map each week to include the latest entries. Just one question Soren, "Why, oh why"?

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