Monday, February 08, 2010

European Road Trip with Google Maps

The Best European Road Trips

The European Grand Tour used to be an essential rite of passage for those who could afford it. The modern equivalent of the Grand Tour is probably the Gap Year, which I'm pleased to say seems to no longer be the preserve of the young.

This Guardian guide to the best European road-trips is essential reading for anyone who is planning their own European trip. Each of the trips is accompanied by a Google Map that shows the route of the trip and includes map markers highlighting the best places to visit along the route.

Each route is also accompanied by a short guide advising you on what to look out for, where to stay and where to eat on your trip.

Whilst on the subject of road trips many people will have seen Google's ad last night during the Super Bowl. The ad is one of a series of videos that Google produced telling stories through using Google search. As an ex-English teacher and map addict I much preferred this Google video taking inspiration from Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road',


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