Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics Map

Winter Olympics in 3D

Winter Olympics in 3D uses the Google Earth browser plugin to present just about all the information that you will need to enjoy the next couple of weeks of winter sports.

The site is divided into three sections, each with its own map and a lot of really useful data:

Athletes & Events
This section allows you to view the athletes from each country (mapped to their home towns). The section also includes a medal table, weather and news and TV schedules.

Being There
The Being There map lets you view local information for Vancouver. Using the map you can find events that are happening in the city during the Olympics. You can also use the map to find hotels, restaurants, shops and banks.

Getting There
If you are planning on attending the Winter Olympics then this map should prove useful. The map shows you where the airports, train stations, bus stations and ferry stations are located.

More 2010 Winter Olympics maps


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