Monday, February 08, 2010

Flickr Photos Added to Street View

The Geobloggers website noticed today that Google have started using Flickr photographs in Street View.

When you open Street View in Google Maps the 'User Photos' option often appears in the top right hand corner. If you select this option you can view photographs of the same view from Panoramio, Picasa and now from Flickr.

The User Photos option includes a neat 'Photosynth' type experience allowing you to navigate between the different user photographs of the view. This is definitely now enhanced with the addition of geo-tagged pictures from Flickr


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Anonymous said...

Google is serving copyrighted photos ("All rights reserved") in their ad-sponsored (albeit useful and fun) service.

Would any other ad-agency or newspaper or online service get away with scraping images off Flickr and incorporate them into their own service?

The fact that this isn't considered by most tech-coverage of this new Google/Flickr partnership is a punch to the face for online copyright.