Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twitter, Google Maps and the Winter Olympics

UMapper Vancouver 2010: Winter Olympics

This Twitter and Google Maps mashup uses the UMapper map creation tool to show you the latest Tweets about the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The map uses the profile pictures of Twitter users as map markers to show the location of the Tweets. Clicking on a profile picture on the map will display the Tweet. If you pan the map the map will automatically upload the Tweets from the current map view.

Umapper comes with an embed tool, so if you like this map you can display it in your own website or blog.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Tweets

This Google Maps from Mibazaar also allows you to view Tweets from the 2010 Winter Olympics. The map shows Tweets from Eastern/Western Canada, Eastern/Western United States, Europe and Australia. You can select the region you wish to view from the radio buttons displayed on the map.

The Mibazaar Twitter map animates through the latest Tweets about the games. So all you have to do is load the map and sit back and watch.


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