Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Czech Google Maps Mashup Round-Up

Inmite is a team of Czech web developers who helped produce their latest Immersive Tours Map. As you can tell from the map Inmite are pretty skilful users of the Google Maps API. Here are a few of their other Google Maps implementations:

Prague International Marathon Map

Inmite created a real-time map for the Prague International Marathon. The map showed the real-time position of runners in the race.

Even though even the slowest runners in the race finished some time last year you can still use the map to replay the race. The map allows you to pick the top 5 runners in a number of age categories and replay the race at a number of speeds. The map shows the progress of the different runners as they completed the course.

That's not all. If you click on the 'select different race' link at the top of the page you can also replay a number of other Czech road races.

Marianne Days
This Google Map for Marianne magazine shows all the shops and brands involved in 'Marianne Days' (a weekend full of shop sales in the Czech Republic).

The map includes a really sophisticated shopping planning tool. It is possible to add shops to an itinerary and the map will return a near-optimal path enabling users to fit in as much shopping as they can.

Even though Marianne Days is now over the shops are still there, so Czech shoppers are still able to use the tool to plan their day's shopping.

Cenove Mapy

Inmite helped Czech real estate company,, produce this Google Maps mashup to show current real estate prices in the Czech Republic. The site uses a heat map to show the relative prices of properties at 1m².

The map can be used to find the most desirable (or at least the most costly) locations to live or help you find the cheapest areas to buy. As you might imagine property prices are highest in the centre of Prague but the map also shows which suburbs have the most expensive and cheapest property.


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Plumber-croydon said...

Technology these days is marvelous,especially with what these guys have achieved, a bit worrying when you consider your every movement can be tracked lol