Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google Map of London Film Locations

Film London Movie Map

Brief Encounters, Notting Hill, Chariots of Fire, The Omen and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade are just some of the films that have been shot (at least partly) in London. Film London have produced this Google Map to help visitors to the city visit the locations in real life.

It is possible to search the map by film genre, from romantic flicks to action-packed movies or period dramas or just explore by viewing different parts of London. Film London say that the map will be kept up-to-date and more information and further layers will be added over time.

Via: Mapperz

The Film Crawl

Of course after trotting around all these famous locations you will want to avail yourself of a pint or two. This Google My Map can help you grab a pint and visit a film location at the same time.

The map shows the locations of pubs that have been used in movies. Some of the pubs in this map have featured in films such as Lock Stock and Two Shooting Barrels and the cult classic Withnail and I.


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