Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Control Search Lights with Google Maps

Vectorial Elevation Vancouver

This truly amazing interactive art project in Vancouver allows you to control powerful search lights that are lighting up Vancouver’s skyline. The Vectorial Elevation website uses Google Maps and the Google Earth browser plugin as the interface for users to design their own light show that will then be beamed over Vancouver.

Once you have designed your own light sculpture your submission is added to the queue. Every night from dusk to dawn the submitted designs are then let loose on the skyline.

The project automatically creates a personal web page for each participant, documenting his or her contribution with views from four project webcams. You can view the position of each webcam from another Google Map and you can choose to view all four webcams at once or view just one at a time.

Wow! you have to check this out.

Hat-tip: Street View Gallery

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