Sunday, February 21, 2010

Image Cutter Tool Round-Up - Updated

The CASA Image Cutter is a great tool that can help you replace the Google Maps tiles with your own images. Using the tool you can showcase your own photographs, paintings or other images within the Google Maps API.

Here are some of my favourite maps that have been created with a little help from the Image Cutter.


Artist Joakim Dahlqvist has used the CASA Image Cutter to showcase his pen and ink drawings within Google Maps.

Using the image cutter Dahlqvist has created two image maps Podalida and Aristide.

The Kremer Collection

The Foundation Aetas Aurea's collection of 17th century Dutch and Flemish Old Masters viewable in the Google Maps API.

3D Tube Map

CASA used their own image cutter tool to create this beautiful 3D map of the London Underground.

Google Maps Photo Collage

Matt Mutagh created this amazing photo collage of Moseley in the UK using CASA's Image Cutter.

Google Maps Photo Earth

This mashup shows a mosaic of 5000 photographs tagged Maps, Space and Aerial loaded into Google Maps. CASA's Image Cutter software was used to replace the Google Map tiles with the 10,000 x 6000 pixel mosaic image.

Vista Wallpaper

This Google Map of desktop wallpaper isn't hugely exciting in itself. However the map does come with a brief tutorial explaining how you can create your own image map using the CASA Image Cutter tool.

University of Alabama Campus Map

This campus map from the University of Alabama doesn't use CASA's tool but instead uses the Mapki Automatic Tile Cutter. The map has overlayed map tiles of the university on Google Maps to show the locations of campus buildings.

The site includes a brief tutorial explaining how the Mapki Tile Cutter was used to create the map.

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