Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowmageddon on Google Maps Part Two

Snowmageddon Clean-Up

The Ushahidi maps reporting system has been used to report election fraud, to help in times of natural disasters and during the Swine Flu epidemic. Now it is being used to report driveways covered by snow.

Snowmageddon Clean-Up is using the Ushahidi platform to allow Washingtonians to volunteer their help and assist their neighbours in digging 'out of Snowmageddon'. If you live in Washington you can submit a problem to the Snowmageddon Google Map by filling in a short form.

This map has come just in the nick of time as someone on Corcoran Street is 'Out of Booze!'. Head over now to the Snowmageddon Clean-Up website if you think you can help.

Hydrant Finder
We Love DC have created a fire hydrant finder with Google Maps. Chief of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services in Washington DC, Dennis Rubin wants the public to help to clear snow from around fire hydrants. So We Love DC have decided to help by showing you where the hydrants are located with Google Maps.

The map uses up-to-date GIS data from the District Water and Sewer website. You can search for the nearest hydrant by address or zip code or just pan the map around. Only District hydrants are mapped.

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