Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Buzz Locations with Google Maps

Google have today released Buzz, a new social network, status update, photo and video sharing tool (think Twitter, FriendFeed or Wave Lite).

Google Buzz for Mobile has a lot of exciting looking integration with Google Maps. Using Google Buzz on a mobile phone lets you tag your location. The tagged location will show up on your tag and your friends can click on it to see your location on Google Maps.

'Nearby View' will show all the public Buzz updates around your current location. The 'Buzz Layer' on Google Maps for mobile will help you find hotspots around your current location. These hotspots are presumably created by the number of 'buzzes' from a particular location. Therefore the hotspots could show you information about recent road closures, hot restaurants or bars or a local news event.

If you have a Gmail account you should see Google Buzz appear in the next few days.


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