Saturday, February 20, 2010

Find a Place to Meet on Google Maps

Mezzoman for iPhone

Mezzoman the mobile phone application that helps you to find places to meet friends and / or business associates is now available for the iPhone.

To find a meeting place simply enter your address and your friend’s address, type in a search term (like Sushi) and press Mezzoman Go. The results you get will be based on the exact midpoint between the two (or three) addresses. Mezzoman can also use your current GPS coordinates to make it quick and easy for you to meet with someone when you are not at a known address or are on the road. Additionally, you can add a contact’s address to any address field with the tap of a button.

Since the results are from Google Local Search you can easily find a top rated location between both your starting points. You can also use Mezzoman to call a business result, find it on a map, get directions, or read reviews about it.


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