Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Winter Olympics on Google Maps

With the 2010 Winter Olympics Games Google have added some stunning new Street Views taken by the Street View Snowmobile.

The new Street View includes images from the Dave Murray Downhill (site of the men's alpine skiing event), from the top of the 7th Heaven Chairlift on Blackcomb, and from the peak of Whistler. Imagery of Whistler Village has also been added to Street View in Google Maps.

You can check out the amazing panoramas from the top London Mountain and Blackcomb here.

Google also have a nice mapplet for Google Maps that links directly to Street Views of Olympics venues.

3D Buildings
Google have also modelled all nine venues in Google Earth, comprising 54 buildings (and thousands of trees!). You can view all the venues in Google Earth or by using the Google Earth browser plugin.

Watch a tour of the venues in your browser.

Embeddable Gadget
Google have also today released an embeddable gadget with real time info and Street View/3D/map of venues.

The gadget also features a medals table (with a Google Map that has markers showing the gold medals won by each country).

Favourite Places Vancouver

Google have also updated the Favourite Places page for the Winter Olympics. Favourite Places in Vancouver now includes suggestions by athletes, politicians, and other top Vancouverites on where to shop, eat, and play.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Route

With three days to go it is still possible to view this Google Map of the Olympic Torch relay route.

Vancouver - the 2010 Winter Games

The city of Vancouver has created this really nice Google Maps mapplet to show the venues of the Winter Olympic games and to highlight some of the other great locations the city has to offer. The mapplet makes use of the Street View imagery to let you view the locations with Google's panoramic images.



Unknown said...

Vancouver Winter Olympics YouTube videos on Google map:


Andy - CheapTents said...

We recently wrote a spoof article about Google taking a street view up mountain trails, including Mount Everest. Dubbed Google Sherpa-cam, since it would be carried up to mountain summits by Sherpas, it would enable people to get a mountaineers perspective of climbing the world's highest peak. After reading your blog post and seeing the Google snow mobile, it seems that Google Sherpa-cam might well be on the horizon!