Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Alternative Winter Olympics Google Map

Vancouver [de] Tour Guide 2010

The Vancouver [de] Tour Guide 2010 is a mapping project that uses the Google Maps API to present an alternative to "the sanitized 'best place on earth' version the 2010 Olympics organizers are promoting worldwide".

The map highlights a variety of locations, histories, and representations of the city and also seeks to record, collect, and transmit information such as the impact of the Olympics and other unofficial stories to visitors.

Locals and others who have knowledge of the city can contribute to the map, either online or in person at a series of mapping parties. To get involved see:

Facebook Group

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DISH Network said...

I have a poor knowledge about the city. But thanks to this Olympic i gather many valuable information about the city.

rob brownie said...

We appreciate your coverage of the map... we have had over 10,000 visits over the past two weeks and now have over 300 posts to the map. We intend to maintain the map after the five ring circus has left town.