Tuesday, February 02, 2010

NBA Transactions on Google Maps

NBA Transaction Flow Charts

Wyn Douglas has created a number of flowcharts that show how every team in the NBA acquired every player. Not happy with that he has imported the flowcharts (one for every NBA team) into Google Maps.

Wyn used the GMap Uploader to upload his flowchart images into the Google Maps API. The Gmap Uploader is a service that allows you to upload any map or image you want into the Google Maps interface.

Because Wyn Douglas used the GMaps Uploader to create his Google Maps based flowcharts viewers can zoom in and pan each of the flowcharts as they could a normal Google Map.

One of the great advantages of the GMaps Uploader is that you can also add map markers and information windows to a created map. Wyn hasn't done that with any of his flowcharts, so I've created an example map of how the NBA Transaction Maps could be developed.

My map uses Wyn's Boston flowchart map but I've created a map sidebar with a few links that will zoom the map to particular players' names. The map also includes a map marker above Ray Allen. If you click on the marker it will open an information window with a brief profile of the player.



Bill Good said...

I created a flow chart and posted it to the Google Map API with Gmap Uploader. But I can't figure out how to add the push pins and the hyperlinks.

Keir Clarke said...

View the source on my example. You should be able to work it out from there.