Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bathymetry Added to Google Maps

Last week Google added new bathymetry data to Google Earth. Yesterday the data was also added to Google Maps.

Mapperz has a nice round up about how the new imagery has been received by some Google Earth users and developers.

Ajax API Playground
Google's has also just released an AJAX API Playground which allows developers to edit and run code samples for 8 Google JavaScript APIs, including Google Maps and Google Earth. The playground includes save and export features and is a great way to learn how to develop your own Google Maps.

Street View Car Spotted in Canary Isles
Gran Canaria Info have published photographs of the Google Street View car in the Canary Isles. They say one car has been spotted on Tenerife and one on Gran Canaria.

London GeoMob
The second meet-up of GeoMob is on the 29th January. Unfortunately I think registration is now closed. I will be attending so I hope to report back next week on what looks to be another interesting line-up of talks.

Russell Middleton from the Google Geo team, Andrew Scott of and Alfie Dennen from Moblog are the main speakers. This time around Yahoo are hosting the event and the theme/meme for the evening is the connection between Location, Context, and Device.

Custom Maps have developed a very simple interface to create Google Chart API maps. Using the interface it is possible to create customisable map of the world, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

To create a map you just select from a range of colours and press a button - and that's it, you have a customised map.



Anonymous said...

So where was the first GeoMod?

Keir Clarke said...

The first London GeoMob was held at the London office of Google in December.