Monday, January 05, 2009

Gaza Maps

Aid Worker Daily has conducted a comparison of Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Open Street Map coverage of Gaza and come to the conclusion that Google Maps is the clear winner in the level of detail provided.

I was a bit surprised then that Al Jeezra have chosen Microsoft Virtual Earth for their War on Gaza Map. Al Jeezra have worked with Ushahidi (my Google Map mash-up of 2008) to produce the map.

Last year Ushaidi produced excellent Google Maps mash-ups of human rights abuses in Kenya and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The only dedicated Google Maps mash-up I have seen about the current troubles is Gaza Conflict, which is a map of YouTube videos about the present conflict.

It is however possible to follow news events (including this conflict) on Google Maps using TimeSpace - Washington Post and Track This Now

ABC News Map
ABC News' correspondent in the Middle East, N.J. Burkett, is using Google My Maps to track his movements. The map includes links to his video reports.


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