Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Short Flight of 1549 on Google Maps

US Air Flight 1549

Gadgeteer has produced a Google Map tracking the short flight of aeroplane 1549, showing its path as it crashed into the Hudson River. The map was produced using flight data from FlightAware.

Thankfully no one was killed in the crash.

Google Earth Browser Simulation

Inspired by the Gadgeteer map I've quickly produced this simulation of the crash for the Google Earth Browser.

I have produced two versions of the simulation, one with the New York 3D buildings turned off and one with the buildings turned on. The 3D version can seriously lag on slower computers.

3D Version
Non-3D Version

Frank Taylor of the Google Earth Blog has also recreated the flight in the Google Earth Browser plug-in at EarhSwoop.

He also made this great video of the flight recreated in Google Earth's built in flight sim:

Jeral Poskey has also created an amazing Google Earth kml file of the flight with audio from eight tapes released by the FAA. This is a truly amazing (& eerie) re-enactment of the flight. You can read about how Jeral created the re-enactment on his website.



Anonymous said...

very cool map. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is really cool!! googlemaps continues to amaze! Thanks.

Jeral said...

I've made a reenactment to add to your list. My innovation was to completely automate the tour (requiring Google Earth 5.0) and to synchronize 8 tracks of FAA audio with it. Quite chilling.