Thursday, January 08, 2009

Live Beanie Bear Tracking


SendMeHome is a free tool that lets you assign and label a unique ID to any physical item. You can then register the ID number with SendMeHome.

If you lose the item, anybody who finds it can go to, enter the SendMeHome ID, and return the item.

Alternatively you can send an item out into the world and everyone who encounters it can add a chapter to its story. This is what a lot of SendMeHome users have opted to do. They can then follow their Beanie Bear, rubber band ball or whatever item they choose to set loose on the world on Google Maps as it travels the globe.

Some users are being even more creative and have started collaborative stories by writing an opening chapter in a notebook and then passing the book onto someone else to write the next chapter ... and so on. Again you can follow the notebook's journey on an accompanying Google Map.

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