Saturday, January 31, 2009

Exploring Sydney's History on Google Maps

Sydney Sidetracks

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has used its extensive archives to produce this stunning interactive map exploring the history of Sydney's inner-city streets. Working with the National Film and Sound Archive, the Powerhouse Museum, the City of Sydney, the Dictionary of Sydney, the State Library on NSW and the Museum of Contemporary Art, ABC have been able to create a history map full of audio, video and photographic records of Sydney's past.

Each marker on the map offers a selection of audio, video or photographic evidence about that location's past. It enables the user to explore the history of Sydney - where it actually happened.

That on it's own would make this site an invaluable resource for those interested in Sydney's history but the site also has a mobile service, so you can view historical information about the city whilst actually walking on the very streets, and a download section, so you can download audio and video to view on your mobile or handheld player whilst you walk about Sydney.


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Anonymous said...

This is very clever and very useful. we will be looking at embedding it into our own website as a reference tool for our visitors. Jamie S.A.