Monday, January 12, 2009

Organize Lunch on Google Maps


Lunchn is a new website designed to help you and your friends decide where to meet for lunch.

Lunchn provides a quick way for groups to browse their favourite restaurants and vote on which restaurant they would like to visit. Lunchn uses Google Maps throughout the site. Users can use Google Maps to add their favourite restaurants and to browse through those restaurants favourited by their friends.

It is also possible to use Google Maps to browse through all the restaurants in an area. To do this users simply add a zip code and the type of restaurant they are interested in. The results are then returned on a Google Map.



Anonymous said...

I tried the site, but it wanted me to register for no good reason.

Keir Clarke said...

I'm not a great friend of sites that make you register but to be fair this kind of social networking site does actually work best if you are a member.

It would be hard to arrange lunch through the site with your friends if you and your friends weren't members.

Anonymous said...

web etiquette is to not require registration, unless it is absolutely needed. For a look at the restaurants in my area, no, not yet required. When I like the site well enough to call my friends and they start using it, still not required. When my friends and I decide to try the full functionality, only then it full registration required and only then should it force you to register.

This is proper etiquette for registration and many studies have proven that anything different than this is a net loss of visitors (and registered users) in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Too much work up front. If I want to decide with my friends where to go to lunch I want to do that quickly w/o having to register, form a a group, enter data about restaurants, etc. For these types of social networks to succeed, the bar to entry/engagement has to be low. Lunch may have set it too high, and could fail as a result