Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Mashups Part Two

The Google LatLong Blog has found a few more Inauguration themed Google Maps mashups:

CNN.com - Your view of history

CNN.com is mapping personal accounts and stories from the inauguration in Washington. CNN also used Google Maps to chronicle Obama and Biden's Whistle Stop Tour from Philadelphia to DC.

WashingtonPost.com - TimeSpace: Inauguration
The Inauguration Day version of WashingtonPost.com's innovative news mapping platform will geocode real-time photos, video and blog posts. The Washington Post have more than 30 photographers and videographers in the field reporting on the inauguration. A team of 40+ reporters will be deployed through out the city providing information that will be compiled and delivered into TimeSpace with location specific information.

Oprah.com - On-the-Scene Updates from Washington D.C.
Oprah has sent a team to D.C. to meet people and visit the inauguration hotspots. They have used Google Maps to map streaming videos of their interviews.

The Wall Street Journal - Guide to the Obama Inauguration
The Wall Street Journal's Google Map showcases a full inaugural guide to events and other things to explore in the District.

Via: Google LatLong: Inaugural mashups

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