Saturday, January 03, 2009

Follow The Dakar Rally on Google Maps

The Dakar Rally is an annual 'off-road' race. Originally the race was from Paris to Dakar, Senegal but this year the race will be run in South America for the first time. The race starts and finishes in Buenos Aires, with some stages being held in Chile.

Here are some Dakar Rally maps: has produced a Google Map of the Dakar 2009 route. The map includes markers for each stage of the route. Clicking on a stage marker opens a window with information about the route, including the route's length and difficulty.

Each marker also includes a YouTube video about the area that the race passes through and the dates when that stage will be run.
Australian Broadcaster has a website dedicated to this year's race. Their coverage includes a simple Google Map. As stages are completed polylines are being drawn on the map to show the route taken. The map also includes links to a profile of each stage.

Google Earth Community
Google Earth community member Gerardo64 has produced this kml file of the route. The file can be viewed in Google Earth or you can view it in Google Maps here.


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