Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Queen Using Google Maps

The Queen of England is set to unveil an updated website on February 12th. The site is reportedly going to make extensive use of Google Maps.

A senior royal source said,

"We have integrated the royal diary with Google maps. This means that if you hover [the computer mouse] on, say Birmingham, it will throw up all the past royal visits to the city – at the moment going back to 2005 – as well as future royal visits for the next two weeks.

This will be called: 'Royal family in my area' and we hope it will prove very popular with the public. People will be able to enter the member of the Royal family and the date to get the information they need.

I just want to know how many visits to Birmingham the Queen has got planned in the next two weeks and, if she has been there before, why is she planning to go again?



Anonymous said...

Nice. But who wants to enter this member of the royal family?

Anonymous said...

Hey all.

Quick question, I am looking for a mashup of historical atlases - say, the rise and fall of the Roman empire - to show the ebb and flow of their territorial growth on Google Earth.

Does anybody know of something like this? It would be great to show students simultaneous movements of history.

Doubly great would be to wrap a monitor screen around a spherical ball- like an interactive globe? Does this already exist?

Keir Clarke said...

I don't think I've ever seen the rise and fall of the Roman Empire on Google Maps.

Next week I'm going to do a post on maps with timelines. The post will look at TimeMap

TimeMap uses the Simile timeline API to create Google Maps with timelines. So you could create your own Roman Empire map with TimeMap.

I've definitely seen videos of Google Earth shown on spherical globes - the Digital Urban blog might be a good place to search.