Wednesday, January 21, 2009

London Property Google Maps Mashup

Where Can I Live?

If you live in London and you are looking for somewhere to live then you should use this great new Google Maps mashup. Where Can I Live uses Nestoria's property database to help London house buyers find properties that are within a set commuting time from where they work.

To search for properties the user enters their work address, the length of time they are willing to commute and the type and price of property they are looking for. Where Can I Live then returns a list of properties matching the entered criteria.

You can also use Where Can I Live to search for property listings around any chosen station and for more fun stuff like looking at house price statistics.



Anonymous said...

To avoid confusion: we don't find properties within the set commute time, we find stations within the time limit. Then you can view house listings that are close to the selected station. Best we could do I'm afraid!

Hope everyone enjoys using it

abatoria said...

I really appreciate your posting it's really informative for me hope you always update more often and share to us what you know. Thanks