Friday, January 02, 2009

Google Marine Map Mashup

Marine Map

MarineMap is a hugely impressive Google Map mashup of the California coastline and marine protected areas (MPAs). The map has a large number of features and manages to include a massive amount of data.

MarineMap has a number of data layers which can be turned on or off. The layers can be selected via the Data Layers window. To give you a rough idea of the amount of data this map contains the screen-shot on the right is about two thirds of the number of layers.

Clicking on the '+' symbol to the left of each layer name reveals further information about that layer, such as where it originated.

The stated aim of MarineMap is to assist organizations involved in mapping of the oceanographic, biological, geological, chemical, and human dimensions of the ocean and coastal areas. They provide organizations with customized solutions for data storage, data sharing, and web-based mapping.

The 1999 Marine Life Protection Act directs the state of California to design and manage a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) in order to, among other things, protect marine life and habitats, marine ecosystems, and marine natural heritage, as well as improve recreational, educational and study opportunities provided by marine ecosystems.

MarineMap hope that this map will assist stakeholders in that task.


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Will McClintock said...

Thanks for the post and nice comments!

The advanced features are available to authenticated users and include the ability to (a) draw prospective marine protected area (MPA) boundaries, (b) assemble MPAs into arrays (i.e., "groups" or "networks"), (c) share MPAs and arrays with other authenticated users, (d) run analytical reports on MPA size, habitat representation, and potential economic impacts, (e) exporting MPA boundaries as KML, (f) exporting reports as PDF and CSV files, (g) and a place-based commenting / discussion system.

If you are interested in receiving a user name and password to test the system, please contact me, Will McClintock at