Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Battle of Red Cliff on Google Maps

The Battle of Red Cliffs

Google China have produced this Google Mapplet to commemorate the 1800th anniversary of the Battle of Red Cliffs. The release of the map also happily coincides with the western release of the feature film Red Cliff. Like the battle itself (and the film) the map is epic in scope. It has also been lovingly produced, with stills from the film and a custom made graphics.

There are three main tabs in the map sidebar 'Historical Events', 'The Main Characters' and 'Vote'. The Historical Events tab allows the user to follow the events in chronological order. The Main Characters tab provides pen portraits of those involved in the battle, with links that load onto the map a graphical representation of the historical events that they were involved in.

I'm sure this map is going to prove very popular both with fans of Chinese history and fans of the many computer games based on this battle (if you've played Dynasty Warriors, Sangokushi Koumeiden, Destiny of an Emperor or Kessen II you are going to recognise some of these historical characters).


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