Friday, January 23, 2009

Google Maps Friday Fun

Street View Street Signs

Hmm, left into Hooker Ave or right into Pleasure Drive,

I hear that teenage boys love pitching their tents in Morningwood Lane, Antioch.

California may have banned gay marriages but Nashville seems to think religion points in one direction and happiness in another:

Lickinghole Rd, Ashland Virginia,

The World's Biggest Poem

A 3km wide poem saying, "neither shame nor fear" by Raúl Zurita can be seen in Google Maps. The poem was written with a bulldozer in the desert sands of Chile.

Via: Google Earth Blog

Street View Coming to Singapore?
This Picasa Web album seems to suggst that Singapore will be getting Street View sometime this year.

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smokeonit said...

googlenettas caught in singapore;-)