Thursday, January 22, 2009

Google Maps Saving the Planet

End of the Line

"The End of the Line" is a film based on a book by former Telegraph environmental editor Charles Clover. The book and the film is about overfishing, the bad guys, the good guys and what you can do to help ... think "An inconvenient Truth" but about saving fish.

This Google Map mashup is the main tool of the film's campaign to create awareness and hopefully get your pledges towards sustainable fishing. To pledge your support you can claim a piece of the ocean. The map then becomes a symbol of the communal responsibility we all have towards saving the ocean.

Clicking on the fish markers of people who have already pledged their support reveals what people have pledged, for example to write to government officials, ask about the provenance of the fish they eat, etc.

See I'm Green

In a similar vein to End of the Line this Google Map mashup allows individuals and companies to put a green marker over your home or business to tell the world that you have gone green.

You can click on any of the map markers to read the profiles of other homes, businesses and organizations that care about the environment. The green markers on the map represent individuals. The red markers represent businesses and non-profit organizations.

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