Thursday, April 23, 2009

Biographies on Google Maps

QuoVadis Live! Tracks

QuoVadis Live!, the Google Map creation tool that allows anyone to map events and tours, has today added a new feature that they are calling 'Tracks'. Tracks allows anyone to create a biographical map of someone famous or of their own life.

QuoVadis Live! have created an example 'Track' of the life of USAF Fighter Pilot Col. John Boyd. The map tracks John Boyd's life from his childhood right through to his burial in Arlington National Cemetery. Major events in Boyd's life are marked on the Google Map with blue circular markers and the events are explained in the map side panel.

Like all maps created with QuoVadis Live! Track maps can be embedded on any website or blog. It is therefore possible, if you so wish, to create a mapped resume and add it to your website.


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