Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Geo-Referenced Database for Mexico


EstoyEnElMapa.com claims to be the largest geo-referenced database in Mexico with a search engine for local businesses. Businesses can be searched by name or by category and the results are shown on a Google Map. It is also free for anybody to search or submit a new business.

It is possible to get driving directions for each address or point of information on the map. Another feature of EstoyEnElMapa.com is proximity searching. From any point on the map you can find any type of business or point of information.

All the content on EstoyEnElMapa.com can be downloaded to GPS devices, and it is also available on mobile devices using the Google Static Maps API.


1 comment:

Ed Thompson said...

great app for finding pois in mexico. also for those of you with an iphone, you can download an app which will use the gps antena in the phone and give you pois in your surroundings. excellent job!