Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Tube and Google Earth Synchronisation

Using the YouTube API and the Google Earth API it is possible to synchronise a video to the Google Earth plugin. In other words it is possible to create a Google Earth tour to illustrate a YouTube video or it is possible to create a video to provide a narration of a Google Earth tour.

I've created two examples:
In both examples you should ignore the YouTube buttons and just use the buttons underneath the Google Earth plugin.

I think this idea has a lot of potential. One way in which the idea could be used is by geography or architecture lecturers to create a Google Earth tour and then video and synchronise a narration of the tour. I'm sure that other developers will think of more applications for this idea.



Mountain said...

Hi, Keir

I had some musings a few months back about a Gmap/Gearth + Youtube (or similar flv video) mashup; with the price of small, mountable cams and gps track recorders, it'd be an interesting project for offroad mountainbiking - cam and gps on helmet, sync a first-person view of the trail with a satellite track. My coding doesn't go far enough to realise it, but there's a business plan in there somewhere :)

der Dennis said...

Hi Keir,
I recorded a part of my Inline-Marathon yesterday with a cam on my helmet and wore a GPS-enabled heartrate tracker. I would like to connect the GPS-track with the recorded video just the way you did in your examples. Is there any information online on how to do that?

Keir Clarke said...

@der Denis - If you just copy and paste the code from my example that should give you a good start. You just need to replace the YouTube video and the kml tour. In Google Earth it is quite easy to create a tour and then save it as a kml.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keir,

alternatively you can use www.vidmap.de for that.

There is also a nice demo with pictures, video and a map: http://apps.vidmap.de/alaska